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A new direction in the work of "AFINĂ VSH" SRL and "TERACADAS" SRL enterprises is creation of orthophotomaps with the help of "Ortofoto" digital photogrammetric system, which is designed for making high-precision digital orthosnapshots and orthophotomaps. This system allows fulfilling all the processes for creation of orthophotomaps according to materials of aerospace survey.

Upon drawing of digital topographic maps and plans, using the methods of stereotopographical survey, (phototypographic survey by means of measuring stereomodels of the place, created according to snapshots on photogrammetric processing devices) a complex of office study works is performed, including preparatory works, scanning of aerosnapshots, photogrammetric thickening of basic geodetic network, generation of orthophotomaps, creation of the digital model of the relief, collection of information about outlines on orthophotomap, single snapshots or stereopairs, editing of original maps (plans), presentation of original maps and plans in digital and graphical forms.

Special purpose topographic plans and photomaps are manufactured according to technical requirements of branch instructions or according to individual technical performance specifications, agreed with the State Inspection for geodetic, engineering supervision and regime and approved by the State Agency for land relations and cadastre.

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